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Barbara B.

We adopted Andie in 2009. Nancy Everette helped us through the adoption process. She answered our many questions. Andie was diagnosed with heart worm right before he was to be shipped up North. DDR paid for his heart worm treatments and connected us with the transport co., foster mom, and vets in Tennessee. They were outstanding.

Sherry T.

We adopted Murphy through Double Dog Rescue and they are wonderful!!!

Nancy O. M.

We adopted our first Double Dog girl, Gracie, after our sweet old girl, Holly died. Not sure who rescued who because Gracie took care of us while we took care of her. Then, when it became clear that Gracie needed a sister, we adopted Sophie through Double Dog and now our family is complete. The volunteers at Double Dog are simply amazing. These are people who work full time and have families, and yet find the time, energy, patience and kindness, not only to rescue so many innocent dogs but to walk the uninitiated through the rescue adoption process. I have learned so much on this journey and are thankful to all. Chey and Laurie, thank you for what you have created and sustained. And to those who have taken the time to talk to me and email me while I waited impatiently for my sweet girls to arrive, you are the best. And to the transport folks, you have created an under-dog railroad that you should be very proud of. There is nothing like the feeling you get when that transport drives up and you are there waiting with all those happy people ready for the adventure. Thank you to all Double Dog Volunteers. You are our hero’s!!!!!

Terry C.

We adopted Sadie, a corgi/JRT mix, from DDR in April. She’s a little fireball of energy that has bought great joy to our home. DDR is a wonderful organization to work with and the adoption went smoothly. Sadie had several medical issues when we adopted her and I was able to communicate with her foster Mom in Tennessee before she got here so that I could coordinate care with my vet. I’m happy to report that Sadie is now one healthy, VERY active little pup. I would definitely recommend DDR. I would definitely adopt from them again.

Allison P.

We recently adopted our rottweiler puppy, now called Luna, through DDR a few weeks ago and are very happy with the newest addition to our family. Our 10 yr old Siberian Husky bonded instantly with her. She has the sweetest personality! I heard about DDR from 2 friends of mine who also adopted from this wonderful organization.

Jean J.

We adopted Teddy through DDR. We have also fostered Gunther, Canyon (Picasso), and Misty through DDR. I have screened for Olive, Otis and now Haven. This organization truly cares about these dogs and works hard to put them into loving homes. Teddy is a joy (I am a failed foster) and I got great satisfaction of helping to pull Gunther, Misty and Canyon out of the shelter and watch them transform into loving, trusting companions. I hope to continue to help DDR place dogs into loving homes.

Lisa T.

We adopted Bentley a little over a year ago. He has brought such joy to our lives! DDR was wonderful to work with. They helped us pick a doggie that would fit into our lifestyle. He’s a winner!! Keep up the great work!

Debra C.

We are the proud parents of Miss Bailey! We adopted her back in February and it was a wonderful decision. We had to put our older dog down last November and went without a dog after 30 years of always having a dog. I was OK with no dog for a while, however, my husband really wanted one bad, so he looked and looked and looked and showed my too many dogs to count. Then one day he said what about “Miss Bailey”? I feel in love with her then and love her more and more. It was a great experience working with DDR, I would and DO recommend them to everyone looking for a dog.

The Wilson’s

Thank you Double Dog Rescue for transporting our Oliver from the southern states to NY. He is such a sweet boy who completes our Dog Pack. Thank you for all that you do for our animal friends.

Margaret B.

I adopted Peanut from Ga in 2009. It all went very well. The volunteers are amazing with how they coordinating everything. Summer Henry was my contact, and she was so nice!

Nancy T.

We adopted our Siberian Husky, Buddy from DDR in March 2010. The process was very easy. We were given alot of information about him, his history, personality, etc prior to adopting him. All of what we were told was right on the money. He is the sweetest dog! When we went to meet him to see if our family would be a good match we were told others had come to meet him before and they just didn’t seem to fit. DDR obviously knows what they’re doing when it comes to this. We had a Siberian previously for 10 years, so we know their personality. We would absolutely adopt another dog through DDR when we are ready to add to our family.

Glen M.

My son and I adopted Osiris (formerly known as Rocky) from DDR. The process was a breeze, and he is an absolute joy. Thanks to DDR for all that they do.

Nicole S.

We adopted our Murphy through Double Dog almost four years ago. There were no surprises at all thought the whole process. Chey handled our adoption and it was a breeze. Murphy has been such a blessing to our family. Double Dog is wonderful!

Dawn B.

We got our 2nd rescue dog through DDR and had a wonderful experience. It was easy, pleasant staff volunteers (which is not always the case with other Rescues) and I recommend DDR highly. Our puppy (now 2 yrs old) is great and we are so lucky to have her! Thanks DDR!!

Kathy E.

We adopted our dog Molly, through you a year ago. The process was very easy and you transported her to us in Tenn. She is the most wonderful pet and continues to light up our lives everyday. God bless you for what you do!!

Kate V.

We adopted Cheyenne (formally Maury) about two years ago from DDR. They were amazing! They saw the potential for a home for a wonderful older dog who ended up at a shelter only because her owner died. DDR was very helpful with the adoption- their pictures and descriptions are some of the most helpful I’ve seen on any rescue’s site. They did their best to respond to inquiries as quickly as they could, and remained helpful and supportive throughout the adoption process and after, available to talk though email and phone and really discuss the personality of the dogs to make sure homes are a good match. They are honest in their evaluations of the dog in terms of temperament, health, and what kind of home the dog needs. Their cost for adoption is also very reasonable and the money goes right back to fund the rescue of another dog in need. I am so happy with Cheyenne, she is the love of my life and wouldn’t be here without the wonderful people at DDR! You should absolutely support them by adopting, fostering, donating, or anything else you can do to help!

Grace V.

I adopted Ruby, a black shepherd three years ago from DDR. Ruby is the best she is a great dog and if I had the money I would adopt another dog. Great job to all the dedicated volunteers of DDR. Without them I would not have my wonderful dog. Keep it going.

Melanie W.

We adopted our dog, Arlo through DDR last September. He is our first dog and he is simply amazing. We enjoy every day we share with him and he makes us smile and laugh. He is a Vizsla/hound mix and enjoys living with us by the ocean in Bristol, RI. We could not be happier with him! The experience with DDR was pleasant and efficient! Thanks again!

Jim D.

Dottie is our newest member of the family because these wonderful women saved her. Our sweet girl wouldn’t have had a chance, and our other lab Duncan wouldn’t have had such a perfect buddy. Thanks guys…you do GREAT work!

Denitra L.

In January of this year, we adopted the MOST handsome Black Lab named Gauge. To say he is a good dog is a laughable understatement. His arrival filled our home with a peace and a balance words cannot explain. Because of him, we all exercise more. We have become more calm to lead him on walks and have more courage as we walk past less balanced dogs in the neighborhood. Through him we are teaching our daughter who is four about responsibility as her “chore” is to help feed and brush him. Thank you for finding, fostering, and delivering this special spirit to our lives. Keep up the good work.

Josilyn D.

We adopted our dog, Goose, from DDR. When people hear that we rescued a dog from the Internet without getting to know him first, they often ask, “But how did you know he was the right dog without seeing him in person beforehand?” And my answer is always, “Well, I didn’t meet my children beforehand either, but they’ve worked out all right so far.” DDR is awesome. Take a chance! Rescue a dog!

Jessica J.

We adopted Kenzie through Double Dog. She is absolutely amazing! Although, she is believed to have been a street dog for her first 9 months, she is the sweetest most gentle dog! Double Dog was wonderful throughout the whole adoption process. They work hard to make sure the dogs go to the right homes!

Laura L.

This is an amazing rescue group that was featured on Animal Planet – Last Chance Highway. PLEASE like them and help this cause by rescuing your own best friend today!

Howard S.

I got m dog thru this rescue!!! Frankie was the best thing to happen to me in a long long time Thank You to April & Lisa!

Jo M.

I love this rescue! I love the show too and can’t wait for the new episode to come on!

Kimberly R.

We rescued Summer from Double Dog Rescue last July 2010. We always tell her she couldn’t have ended up in a better home. We LOVE spoiling her and she is just the sweetest, silliest, loving dog ever! We can’t thank you enough.

Kim M.

We adopted our Georgia 2 years ago after our Bernese Mountain Dog passed. She joined her sister Isabel, our Golden and became best friends quickly. We cannot imagine our lives without our Georgia. Double Dog Rescue did an amazing job with helping us with every aspect of adoption from the beginning. We are looking forward to adding another addition from Double Dog to our family in the near future. Thank you Chey!

Lindsay C.

We adopted Gemma from DDR. She started out being a foster and then our GSD and us were attached and loved our gentle giant. Gemma came to us 45lbs and needing some TLC. She is 100lbs today (healthy for a Great Pyrenees) and is the most loving dog there is. She jumps on us as we come in the door rests her head on our shoulders and gives us hugs. We hike at Sleeping Giant, and our mt. dog is the scout in front stopping to wait for us, looking for dogs and swimming in the stream. She has made our house a home, and couldnt imagine life without her! Love you DDR. Ill talk to you in May when I’m done with school to begin fostering and helping out again. xoxo

Kerry H.

This past January we adopted Jaxon aka Captain the Australian Cattle Dog from Mississippi. I wasn’t looking for another dog, but I guess we were both in the right place at the right time. Words cannot express how my life has changed over the last 9 months in a way I didn’t think it could. Thank you DDR for sending my best buddy all the way to Massachusetts. From the application process, to having all my questions answered by his foster mom to Jaxon arriving less than a week later – Everything went perfectly! Thank you for saving this wonderful grateful boy and for giving me the joy of spoiling him all the days of his life…………If your thinking of adopting a dog – DDR is the best!

Kathy C.

We adopted our Sophie and Odie through DDR. We love them to pieces! We have also fostered and screened for potential adopters. DDR does such great things and I feel very blessed to work alongside such wonderful, caring people.


It will be two years soon that we have had our DDR pup. Ginger has proved to be a wonderful dog. We changed her name from GiGI. She arrived afraid of men, but with time she has outgrown her fear and will often jump(invited) into my husband’s lap. She is a real joy. She loves being petted, brushed and generally loved. She also loves walks and never pulls on the leash. She plays with my German Shepherd and ignores my two cats. She has never met another dog that she doesn’t like. I was hesitant of adopting a dog who was 4/5 years old and I had never met. (She came by transport from Tennessee.)  I would not hesitate to do it again. Everyone at DDR was very helpful and answered all my questions. Thank you for saving this wonderful dog and allowing me to adopt her.

Bill and Diane R.

I am snuggling on the couch with this wonderful rescue, aka Bruin…our Remy…the painter.  I know you both have many dogs come into your lives but I want to thank those responsible for getting this precious bundle of fluff to our home.  He still has spots of yellow paint on him from “helping” to paint the shelter he was in, but oh this personality.  Kisses, snuggles and lots of love.  Remy is so obedient, I can take him everywhere, he is fabulous with the horses and we adore him.   Thanks again, please pass the word to Double Dog Rescue.

Callie S.

I have never been much of a believer in fate; however, my experience with adopting Coco (now called Sutton) through Double Dog Rescue has changed my mindset! When my parents and I offhandedly decided to drive from our home in Rhode Island to an adoption event in Colchester, CT, we had no idea that we would fall in love with our future puppy.
As we walked into the event space, I was immediately drawn to a brown, white and tan puppy, who crawled into my lap the second I sat down on the floor. It was truly love at first sight. Although my parents encouraged me to walk around the space & to socialize with the other dogs, I knew that my decision had already been made.
Since losing my yellow lab mix rescue in July 2011, my family and I have not felt ready to open our minds and hearts to another dog—until we met Sutton. Although he has been part of our family for only a brief time, I cannot imagine my life without him! Our experience with Double Dog Rescue has been fantastic and I cannot say enough good things about this organization. It is incredibly evident how deeply those involved in DDR are in the cause of saving abandoned and neglected dogs.

It has only been a week since we brought Sutton home, but the fact that he sat at our back door whining after I left yesterday evening is proof that love at first sight is a true possibility.

Greetings from Sam, a former shelter dog:

Dear Friends at Double Dog Rescue,
That long, noisy ride from Georgia is history! I made it to dog heaven without ever having to cross the Rainbow Bridge……. The accommodations here are pretty swell, and the amenities are even better. I have a memory foam bed in every room, so I can crash and chill whenever and wherever I please. That matted old feller who got off the truck is gone. Oatmeal baths and daily brushing have me looking great and smelling even better. So far, the food is top notch, the medical care first rate. I can look out the back porch and survey every inch of the dogdom that is now mine. My new best man friend takes me on TWO daily walks. I like exploring. My new best lady friend loves to cook. I do know that the kitchen is a great place to hang out. She’s always dropping things and they all taste good. That must be what happens to humans as they get old, they drop all the good stuff. We tool around town in a little station wagon. Sometimes we go to this place where a drawer comes out the side of the building. Bless that building, the drawer gives money and dog bones! Two weeks ago, I was sleeping on a cement floor, a senior dog without a future. Now I have a forever home, and most importantly, I am beloved by all. My deepest thanks to all of you for the part you’ve played in giving me a second chance. You do the Lord’s work on this earth, by giving voice to those of us who can only bark.
Love and thanks,


I feel like I can’t thank you and Double Dog Rescue enough for bringing Chadwick into our lives.  After losing both of my dogs of over 14 years this year – to say that I’ve been heartbroken and empty without them is an understatement, with a sadness I could not shake.  Personally speaking, Chadwick has brought so much happiness to me.  Not to mention a feeling of contentment that we were able to help him.  Although I have to be honest – I really don’t know who rescued who!! He will be much loved, and well taken care of the rest of the days God blesses us to have him 🙂