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Polaroid_Kathy TransportDDR uses professional transportation services to bring dogs from the south to the north. Each transporter has a very strict policy regarding health restrictions. Each dog must have their rabies, bordetella, DHLPP vaccinations, spayed/neutered, and have an interstate health certificate. You will receive your dog’s vet records at pick up.

Each transporter has designated drop-off locations. Kathy, our Transport Coordinator will help you figure out which pick-up location is best for you. Kathy is wonderful about explaining the transportation process so you will feel 100% comfortable. The transportation company also calls you the night before to confirm the pick-up.

We strongly recommend that you have an ID tag made prior to picking up your dog and put it on the dog as soon as you get him or her in the car. It’s been a long trip so your dog will need to be walked. Please make sure your dogs collar is on securely and you hold onto the leash securely. This is not the time for your child to bond with the dog. Your dog was just on a very long transport. If the dog pulls on the leash and your child drops it, the dog will run. Please give your dog time to get to know you and your family before you trust him/her off leash or allowing your child to walk them. Please do not let your child hold onto the leash. Despite the wait, it’s really a wonderful experience to watch each dog walk off transport and be welcomed into his or her new family. You are witnessing the beginning of their new life.

The transportation fee is included in the adoption fee.

Below is the list of the transporters we commonly use.

Peterson’s Express Transportation Service (P.E.T.S)

Transport Pick-upRescue Road Trips (RRT)

All Paws Transport

Alpha Dog Transport

Home @ Last Transport

Dog Runner Pet Transport