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Double Dog Rescue strives toward
adopting out healthy dogs.

This includes if a dog comes in with a broken leg, torn ACL, bullet wound, Heartworm positive, or any other injury and/or ailment. Yes, this is just a snapshot of what we encounter on a daily basis. Once we speak on behalf of a dog, it’s our obligation and moral standards to fulfill any vetting required (regardless of it’s health condition). We are always forthcoming with the history of your dog. Many dogs require additional vetting, which costs hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. Your dog may be one of the lucky ones to escape without an ailment; however, many dogs aren’t as lucky.

Many dogs will require an additional dose of deworming. You have to understand that your dog was either not taken care of or was roaming the streets for quite some time. Also, although we give dogs the Bordatella vaccination, they may still get kennel cough. Think of the Bordatella vaccination like the Flu vaccination for humans. It doesn’t cover all strains. We highly recommend you bring your new dog to the vet within the two weeks so your vet can input their information into the system. This is especially important in case there is an emergency. Don’t forget to bring in a stool sample to determine if your dog requires another dose or dewormer.

Vetting File