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Adoption Process

Double Dog Rescue has over 80 volunteers. Michelle is our Screening Coordinator. We have screeners who will send you an application and answer your questions when you make contact through Petfinder or Adopt-a-pet. After you fill out your application and forward it to your DDR representative, please contact your veterinarian to give us permission to 
do a vet reference check.

Once your application has been approved, the screener will set up a call to discuss details. This is a good time for you to ask questions. If you forget to ask a question, you can email your volunteer or go to the FAQ section of our site.

Download DDR Adoption Application

How much is the adoption fee?

The adoption fee per dog is $450-$475. Paying via PayPal is and extra $15 because they charge us to use their service. Seniors and/or a special needs dog are considerably less – please inquire about the fee of a senior dog. The transportation fee is included in your adoption fee. The transportation companies are not affiliated with DDR.

Good to know after you adopt your dog

  • Most important! Get a tag made with your contact information immediately and bring it to transport or the meet-and-greet. It is your responsibility that your dog is safe and that someone should contact you if your dog gets loose.
  • Make a vet appointment within the first two weeks to have your dogs information input into the system in case there is an emergency.
  • If your dog gets loose, you should contact us immediately in case we receive a call.
  • Your dog may require another dose of dewormer or come down with kennel cough. The Bordatella vaccination which should prevent kennel cough does not cover all strains. It’s similar to the Flu vaccination for humans.
  • It will take your dog 2-3 weeks to settle in. Some dogs can take up to 4 weeks! Give him/her time. They will come around.
  • Please make sure doors are securely shut so your dog cannot escape.
  • Do not leave your toddlers alone with your dog. You may not know your dog is injured and if your toddler crawls on top of the dog, the dog may be in pain.
  • Do not leave your child’s friends alone with the dog. You don’t know how they will treat the dog.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your dog gets acclimated to your lifestyle. If professional training is necessary, please research appropriate training.

Adopt a senior!

Adopt a Senior DogIt’s truly a selfless act to adopt a senior dog. Most people want a puppy or a young pup to grow up in their household. It’s sad that so many senior dogs are surrendered to the shelter and live out the rest of their years in a cold cell. Seniors make the best companions. They have no expectations and only want food, water, love and a comfortable place to call home. Some seniors enjoy playing ball still. Granted they don’t run as fast but they still have heart. You can see in their eyes how grateful they are to be rescued. Open your heart to these little heartbeats, after all, seniors need a home too!Adopt a Senior