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Southern Volunteers


Tina has been working with Double Dog Rescue for several years. She has become our go-to volunteer in Alabama. She works with us to help save dogs from Chilton County Humane Society.

Tina was introduced to the world of animals 25 years ago when she started to rehabilitate wildlife. You name it, she has saved it. One of her challenges were to save a liter of possums. Their mother was hit by a car and they were crawling all over her on the side of the road. Tina brought them back to her house and nursed them all back to health. Chey visited her in Alabama and saw Tina hand-feeding a baby bird.

The first dog Tina rescued was a Rough-coat Collie named, Ariel. Ariel was the love of her life and passed away from old age. Tina’s first experience working with a rescue was with Double Dog Rescue. She helped save a dog named Cooper. Cooper immediately captured



Betsy and her husband, John, founded The Farley Foundation (“TFF”), a Pinehurst, North Carolina 501(c)(3) animal rescue organization in 2014 in memory of their first “shelter dog,” Sir Farley of Pinehurst. Both have supported a number of local and national animal welfare groups thorough their volunteer work and financial contributions.

Betsy says “Our mission is clear: eliminate unnecessary destruction of adoptable animals.” TFF’s simple approach is to focus on the best interest of each animal once it is rescued from a local facility and nothing else. By fate, in late 2015, Betsy and Cindy were introduced and the partnership began in order to save more lives. Numerous dogs in Moore County, North Carolina would have likely been destroyed if it wasn’t for Double Dog Rescue’s partnership.

Betsy, John and the Farley Volunteers are the only people who have said a joyful “hello” and a bittersweet “goodbye” to each of the hundreds of animals rescued by TFF and DDR. We can’t thank those enough who continue to adopt homeless animals in need. For more information about TFF, please visit:

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