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Northern Volunteers



Amy became involved with Double Dog Rescue after answering a plea on Facebook for a designer to layout the events posters for Facebook. She and Chey used to work at Mullen Advertising together. So she said, “Why not? Every animal deserves a chance.” Amy is an award-winning Creative Director in advertising and is using her talents to help us get the word out through her posters about the dogs we are trying to save and DDR’s adoption events.

Amy has two cats that she rescued from a shelter. Her cats, Kevin and Pookie, refuse to have a dog in the house and would prefer to be the only fur children. Amy enjoys seeing the look on the dog’s faces once they are in their forever home. When she saw Apollo get adopted, it made her really happy as it was such a long road for him. She says, “It brings hope and humanity.”




Barrie is no stranger to volunteering. She has been volunteering for many different organizations for the past twenty years. She has been screening applications for Double Dog Rescue for two years and loves ‘meeting’ adopters who have such big hearts of gold. Barrie is one of Double Dog Rescue’s long term screeners and as a result, paired numerous homeless dogs with loving families. She enjoys knowing that a good dog is getting a home. She says, “Rescue dogs are like no others. They know when they’ve been rescued and will love you unconditionally forever for it. In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.” Barrie gravitates toward all types of large dogs. She has a seven year old German Shepherd named Mia, and Macy is a loving mix breed and is five years old. Barrie is a stay at home mom whose kids are heading off to college.





Carrie started volunteering in 2012. When learning that all kinds of dogs are put down because of space issues and overpopulation, she knew she wanted to become more involved. She started fostering in September of 2012 and hasn’t stopped since.

Carrie has two Chihuahua mixes named “Frito” and “Nala” who were also adopted through rescue. Frito is also an excellent ambassador for the small dogs Carrie has a soft spot for. Often Frito and the new dog can be caught napping together on the same small bed. Nala encourages the new fosters to play and shows them the routines of their temporary home.

Carrie is a full time Mom at the moment but in a previous lifetime (before kid) she ran her own wholesale specialty pet products business for 10 plus years. Both experiences have provided valuable skills to deal with the pressures of the rescue world which is ever changing with the needs of dogs. Presently, Carrie is helping out with the bookkeeping, special projects, and general retail fundraising for the rescue in addition to fostering.


Chey BabiesCHEY

Chey has been involved in rescue for seven years. She fostered her first southern dog, Trot, who came to her recovering from Heartworm. She quickly learned what it was like to become a foster failure. Chey then adopted her second southern dog from Debbie Ginn, and asked how she could make a difference. This was the springboard toward getting things moving. Her sister, Laurie, was already involved in rescue. Chey and Laurie discussed the desperate need to create a rescue up north, and seven months later Double Dog Rescue was established.

Early in her rescue career, Chey learned a lot of lessons the hard way. These mistakes helped her attain and build a successful rescue with dedicated volunteers. She credits Debbie Ginn, Lisa Walker, and Sharon Veronneau for supporting and teaching her the values in rescue. Throughout the years, Chey networked and gained many contacts far and wide in the rescue community. Her motto, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, has served her well in the rescue world. Double Dog Rescue was built by dedicated people who selflessly donated their time to help innocent animals who cannot help themselves. This dedication has led to the good name we built as a group today. “It’s a team effort.” Chey says, “Sadly, the reward of adopting a dog is so short-lived because we are already looking toward the next dog to be saved.”

Chey has four black dogs which include, a Flat-coated Retriever, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, and a Shih Tzu (all mix breeds). She gravitates toward large, black dogs because they are second to Pit Bulls to being put down. It wasn’t until she went to Tennessee in 2012 when she met a Shih Tzu named Princess. Princess had been on the DDR site for over two years without any inquiries. Princess was overlooked because she had incontinence issues. Despite being kept in an open barn for over two years, Princess had a zest for life. She had a small piece of fabric from a torn-up stuff animal that was her toy. Chey could only throw it about two feet and Princess would proudly retrieve it and run back her. When it was time for Chey to return to New England, shw brought Princess back with her. Within a few short days, Princess was a foster failure and renamed Cricket (aka Little Bug). Chey’s veterinarian showed her how to express Cricket’s bladder so Cricket could lead a normal life. To this day, Cricket looks at Chey  adortingly. She is truly a dog who knows she was saved.

Chey is currently an Art Director in Boston, Massachusetts and utilizes her background to spread awareness through her advertising background. Although rescue is like a second full-time job, Chey working toward creating an accessories line.



Cindy is Double Dog Rescue’s Events Coordinator. She heads up all adoption events and facilitates where the next event will be held. Cindy because involved with Double Dog Rescue after she adopted Bella in April of 2012 and started volunteering at events shortly after as a dog handler. A year later, Cindy became a “handler failure”. After showing Roscoe all day at Puppy Pride in June 2013, she adopted him. Cindy has become an integral part of Double Dog Rescue.

Cindy says, “What I love about DDR is that they are so honest about the dogs’ behavior and characteristics because they want the right match. Never do you try to “unload” a difficult dog no matter how long it takes to find the right family. That you always want what is best for the dog which means the family needs to know what to expect”.



Jean’s dog rescue career began when she and her husband, Tom, adopted their dog, Cash from Double Dog Rescue in January of 2006. After Cash had settled in they decided they would foster and pay it forward. Their foster support continues to be a stream of lab mixes.

Jean really loves them all but what truly entrenched her in the rescue world was the special need fosters. She had a Black Labrador Retriever named Duchess, who was heartworm positive and stayed with them for 3 months while she went through treatment. This made her understand the need to help these sick dogs because there is life after the shelter. The next dog, Lauren, melted her heart ended up staying with her after she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her bladder. She truly showed our family and friends the love of a special needs dog when she made herself right at home for her last eight months of her life. This made Jean want to become more involved and she then joined the Board of Directors of Double Dog Rescue in 2012.

In Jean’s professional career or her day job she works for a private outsourcing company that specializes in engineering support. She is the Manufacturing and Operations Support Manager for their largest CT client.  This helps her with rescue because she enjoys being part of ad  working with a team.


KATHY DKathyBella

Kathy has been volunteering for Double Dog Rescue for six years. She is one of our more seasoned volunteers. Kathy has a knack for volunteering and dabbles in a little bit of everything. She is currently the Foster and Transport Coordinator. She facilitates relationships very easily, has a great relationship with all her foster homes, and is a multi-tasker. It’s huge undertaking to be able to juggle several aspects in rescue. Kathy works at a major insurance company working with bonds. When she is not working her full-time job, she is working on finding the rescue dogs foster homes and putting them on transport to come to CT. She thrives on being a part of the adoption process from beginning to end while learning about each dogs personality. Her favorite part of rescue is watching them come off transport and meeting them for the first time. Kathy says, “All the Double Dog Rescue volunteers work as a team. When one of us needs a hand, there is always someone there to back you up.” Kathy currently has a 1 year old boxer mix rescue pup named Kaylee that she adopted this year and a 4 year old Pitt mix niece named Sasha. Kathy says, “While we may never know the pain or struggles of a rescue dog the love they show us is unlike any other. Adopt. Don’t Shop!”



Marielle has been volunteering for almost 2 years. She screens applications to match dogs with new families and updates the website. Marielle was motivated to become involved with rescue after she adopted from Double Dog and her life was changed ever since. Marielle has a soft spot for mixed breeds like her own rescue pups Ozzy and Simba.

Her favorite part about volunteering for Double Dog Rescue is seeing photos of the dogs that she helped place in their new homes. There’s nothing like watching the effect a dog and a family have on each other’s life. Their happiness exudes from all the photographs I receive.

Marielle is a full time graphic designer in Central New Jersey. Being a Graphic Designer can be a demands job, therefore volunteering allows Marielle to take a break from her busy schedule. Marielle saying, “Getting involved with dog rescue has been one of the most fulfilling things to happen to me!”



Michelle has been in rescue for four years and was motivated to volunteer when a little heartworm positive dog named Chappy popped up on her Facebook news feed one day. She became his sponsor and, with the help of her friends, was able to raise enough money to save him. He now lives with a wonderful family with three boys who love him so much. Michelle has been volunteering with Double Dog Rescue ever since.
Michelle has had many rolls in rescue throughout the years including Sponsor, Screener, Pre Approval Coordinator, and, most recently, Screening Coordinator. As the Screening Coordinator, she oversees DDR’s team of application screeners. Her team contacts her to troubleshoot on any questions they might have regarding DDR’s application process. She personally screen most of DDR’s harder to place dogs due to age, breed, medical conditions, or behavioral issues.

Michelle’s close friends and family call her Bella. She currently has one rescue dog named Max and 2 rescue Canaries. “To know that I played even a small part in saving a dog’s life is so rewarding. I keep a folder with pictures of all of the dogs I have helped home over the years. My favorite thing to do is to peek at that folder and see all of those happy faces.”




Sharon has been involved in rescue for over 15 years. She inherited her love for animals from her mother, who could never turn her eye to an animal in need. She grew up with dogs, cats, owls, and even tortoises to name a few.  Sharon has made hundreds of connections throughout the years and is very well known in the rescue world. She generously shares her wealth of knowledge to everyone and anyone. After initially starting out with Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief and Rescue, she soon became one of the three volunteers who started Double Dog Rescue in 2006. Sharon currently lives in Rhode Island with her husband, Tom. They have five dogs: two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, two English Bulldogs, and a Border Collie (all mixes). She claims that four out of five were Tom’s decision (ya right). Her favorite quote is by Albert Schweitzer, “Think occasionally of the suffering of which yourself the sight”.



Linda first started with Double Dog after adopting Brady, her family’s terrier mix, to be a companion for their senior Keeshond/Sheltie mix Sasha who was having a hard time coping after losing her feline brother and sister. In the beginning, Linda volunteered as a handler at events, but she wanted to find ways to do more. She soon found herself as the unofficial rescue taxi driver, picking up her furry passengers when fosters can’t make an event or transport. She has also helped with writing Petfinder bios and most recently has taken on the important task of Fundraising Coordinator.

You will find Linda at almost every event and transport. She says that there is no greater feeling than seeing the dogs come off transport tired and scared and watching as they realize that they are finally in the safe hands of people who genuinely care for them. Linda believes that every dog deserves a loving, stable home and she will help in whatever way she can to make sure we can give that to as many dogs as possible.


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