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About Us

DDR-Members_Film-2014-151x1024newDouble Dog Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by two sisters, Chey and Laurie Chey and Laurie OttosonOttoson. After rescuing their own dogs from the south, they wanted to do more for the rescue community. Both sisters developed relationships with many reputable volunteers in the south, and together they launched Double Dog Rescue in December 2006.

The group started out with eight volunteers, and grew into a team of over seventy. DDR does not have a physical shelter, instead they act as the middlemen to facilitate getting the dog into their forever home. The southern volunteers primarily concentrate on pulling dogs to safety, temperament testing, bringing dogs to the vet and into boarding, taking pictures and then putting them on transport. The northern team, uploads the pictures and bios to Adopt-a-Pet, screens applications, calls in vet reference checks, sets up the transport reservations, meets with adopters when possible and transports dogs. Overall, it’s imperative we act quickly as dogs often only have hours before they are euthanized. Unfortunately, many shelters in the south still use a gas chamber to euthanize dogs, which is inhumane and causes a painful death. Again, every dog saved makes room for another left in the shelter.

This group was started in an effort to help the overpopulation of dogs in the south. Double Dog Rescue was named to honor Laurie’s dog, Lily, and Chey’s dog, Lincoln. Both passed away in 2006.